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AGA Heat Storage Cookers: Nothing Else Measures Up

Wherever you live, whatever your lifestyle, there's an AGA to fit your home. Whether it slots neatly between existing kitchen units, against a wall or within a kitchen island, these days an AGA is all about versatility. Choose between two, three or four ovens and the fuel source to suit you most, gas, electricity or oil. What's more, every AGA is available in 14 colours. However, it's the unique way that an AGA cooks that is the real story behind the legend. Anyone who owns one knows how food tastes better from an AGA. That's because AGA cast iron ovens use indirect radiant heat, so food cooks gently, doesn't dry out and retains its natural goodness and flavour.

Beneath the classic looks of every AGA is a heart of cast iron: the entire cooker is an outstandingly efficient energy store, steadily transferring the heat from its core into the ovens and hotplates. It utilises a gentle process, which preserves your foods moisture, flavour, texture and nutrients. An AGA is always ready to cook, instantly, and as there are no switches and dials required when cooking, the AGA automatically looks after itself. Put simply the AGA is an extremely easy way to cook and that's one of the main reasons why people who have an AGA wouldn't use anything else.


The 2-Oven AGA

2 Oven Aga At just under a metre wide, it's more compact than people imagine. The 2 Oven AGA houses the classic hotplate and oven arrangement that has inspired people to cook effortlessly for generations.

The high heat of the left hand hotplate ensures that it will boil water faster than most electric kettles, while the right hand simmering plate provides a more gentle heat, ideal for sauces, amazing toasted sandwiches and even the ability to cook a healthy “fried” egg!

The top right-hand oven roasts, grills and bakes, and can accommodate anything as large a 28lb / 13kg turkey. At the bottom right is the Simmering Oven, where casseroles and vegetables can be left to improve while you focus on other tasks.

  • Flue - available in Standard Flue or Powerflue
  • Fuel - available in Natural Gas, LP Gas, Oil and Electric
  • No flue required for an Electric AGA, just an oven vent


The 3-Oven AGA

3 Oven Aga With the same external dimensions as the 2-Oven AGA but with 50% more oven space it's not difficult to see why this AGA is now most peoples first choice in the range. With the addition of a specific baking oven, along with all the features of the 2-Oven, the 3-Oven AGA breaks the mould and proves that you really can gild a lily.

  • Flue - available in Standard Flue or Powerflue
  • Fuel - available in Natural Gas, LP Gas and Electric
  • No flue required for an Electric AGA, just an oven vent


The 4-Oven AGA

4 Oven Aga A step up in width enhances the easy style of AGA cooking still further. All the features of a 3-Oven AGA are present, along with a hotcupboard that increases the overall width to just under 1.5 metres. A Warming Plate is useful to serve from and provides even more cooking options and a Warming Oven makes it even easier to deliver the most complicated meal without food getting cold or drying out.

Popular in years gone by for small private schools and guesthouses, the 4-Oven AGA is now, quite rightly, seen as the AGA for today's family lifestyle that also provides an impressive centrepiece to any kitchen.

  • Flue - available in Standard Flue or Powerflue
  • Fuel - available in Natural Gas, LP Gas, Oil, 13amp electric and 30amp Electric
  • No flue required for an Electric AGA, just an oven vent


The AGA Module

Aga Modules Whether integrated or freestanding, the AGA Module offers a range of conventional cooking options including a conventional oven with integral grill, fan oven and gas or electric four-ring hob.

Retaining the solid cast iron front and top plate of a traditional heat storage Aga, the Module extends the versatility of your cooker and is available for use even when the main AGA is off.



AIMS AIMS (AGA Intelligent Management System) is the very latest thinking from AGA.

Available as standard on most 13amp electric AGAs and as an option on most gas fired models, AIMS optimises the fuel usage of your AGA and allows the cooker to Slumber or reduce to Low via a stylish control unit at times when the AGA is not required at full cooking heat e.g. through the night. Energy consumption is reduced by approximately 20% for 13amp models and upto 15% for gas when AIMS is operational.


Hob Option

Ceramic Hob Option When ordering a 4-Oven AGA you have the option to replace the warming plate with a two-ring gas or electric hob.

These are priced additionally to the main AGA. The electric hob is also available as a retro-fit on most existing 4-Oven cookers