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New Products - KUHN Rikon



We are pleased to announce that we now stock a selection of superb, high quality Kuhn Rikon products.


Colori Paring Knife Colori Paring Knife Price: £6.50

  • Make a design statement with this high quality, ultra sharp all purpose knife
  • Available colours are Pink, Blue or Green

Colori Serrated Paring Knife Colori Serrated Paring Knife Price: £5.50

  • High quality, ultra sharp for slicing meats, tomatoes & smooth skinned vegtables
  • Available colours are Fuchsia, Aqua or Purple

Mezzaluna Chopping Knife Mezzaluna Chopping Knife Price: £14.95

  • Effortless chopping with this stylish & simple herb chopper, also great for cutting garlic and onions

Garlic Peeler Garlic Peeler Price: £3.95

  • Pop cloves inside this silicone tube, press down and roll a few times on the counter
  • Available colours are Green or Red

Colori Carving Knife Colori Carving Knife Price: £15.95

  • De-bone meats and handle other tricky kitchen tasks with ease
  • Safety sheath included
  • Available in Red
  • 34.8 cm

Colori Chef's Knife Colori Chef's Knife Price: £11.95

  • Favourite for dicing, chopping and mincing
  • Safety sheath included
  • Available in Green
  • 28.7 cm

Splatter Guard Splatter Guard Small - 32 cm - Green Price: £10.95
Large - 37 cm - Black Price: £12.95

  • Sturdy, silicone and oven safe guard can also be used as a strainer and baking sheet
  • Microwave safe

Spill Stoppers Spill Stoppers Small - 25.5 cm - Purple Price: £15.95
Large - 29 cm - Black Price: £17.95

  • Heavy silicone lid prevents pasta, soups and other dishes from foaming or boing over

Colori Mini Prep Knife Colori Mini Prep Knife Price: £8.95

  • Doubles as a cheese server
  • Safety Sheath Included
  • Black - 18cm

Household Shears Household Shears Price: £11.50

  • Blades easily cut through small bones, stems and heavy plastic packaging
  • Available colours are Green, Red, Yellow or Fushsia

Swiss Julienne Peeler Swiss Julienne Peeler Price: £9.95

  • Creates perfect Julienne strips. Works on chocolate too

Swiss Peeler Swiss Peeler Price: £7.95

  • Carbon steel blade peels fruit and vegetables wafer thin plus with potato eye remover

Swiss Maxi Spatula Swiss Maxi Spatula Price: £3.50

  • Classic plastic cook's flexible spatula for scraping, cutting and mixing
  • Available colours are Yellow, White, Red or Blue

Hob Scraper Hob Scraper Price: £4.95

  • Easily cleans burnt on food from ceramic hobs plus has changeable blades with protective storage cap

Chopping Boards Chopping Boards Price: £5.95 (Set of 2)

  • Sides bend to prevent spills. Antibacterial, and dishwasher safe
  • Comes in Red/Orange and Green/Blue